3 Popular Dental Implant Procedures Provided by a Cosmetic Dentist

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A cosmetic dentist may offer a variety of different dental implant restorations. Although there are various options, they all involve the same basic process of inserting dental implants surgically into the jawbone and placing the dental restoration on the implants. The particular procedure depends on a patient's individual circumstances.

Dental implant procedures

Different procedures exist for one reason: Not all patients are the same. This means that what works for one person may not work for another. Based on these considerations, the cosmetic dentist will evaluate the patient and recommend a restoration that fits their needs. It may be any of these options.

1. Single-tooth implant

This refers to the simple dental implant procedure to restore one tooth. The dentist will use a single implant, abutment and a dental crown. Comprising of a small metal post and a personalized crown, this option is suitable for replacing one tooth without any negative impact on the gum and the surrounding teeth.

With modern implant technology and techniques, patients who are missing a single tooth can undergo dental implant surgery and get a temporary crown on the same day. This situation allows for a seamless procedure and the result is a tooth that feels and functions just like the original tooth. The patient can return after a few weeks to get a permanent crown to replace the temporary crown. The dentist can retain the crown on the implant with cement or more commonly a screw.

2. Multiple tooth implants

This refers to using multiple standard implants for patients who have lost several teeth. The number of missing teeth will determine the number of implants that must be used.

Four to six implants supporting a denture is the norm for this type of treatment. When several teeth are missing, fewer implants are generally needed to hold the prosthetic teeth. For instance, two implants can support three prosthetic teeth. If all the teeth on a dental arch are lost, four to six implants may be enough to support the restoration. While the procedure for dealing with multiple teeth can be more complicated, implants generally remain the most reliable and cost-effective choice for tooth restoration.

3. Fixed and removable bridges

Like implant-supported dentures, this procedure involves placing implants to support bridgework. The bridges can be detachable from the implants. Unlike regular bridges and dentures, implant-supported bridges help to prevent bone resorption. They typically look and natural in the mouth.

Final notes

Depending on the condition of the patient’s mouth, standard dental implants may not be advisable. The factors the cosmetic dentist considers before recommending implants include oral health, general wellbeing, and lifestyle habits such as smoking that may affect healing after oral surgery.

If feasible, dental implant restorations are often the most convenient as well as the most cost-effective tooth replacement option, saving patients from having to undergo repeated dental procedures in the future. To learn more about the recommended options to replace your missing teeth, book an appointment with our cosmetic dentist today.

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