4 Reasons to Consider CEREC Crowns

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Dental crowns are a common treatment in most dentistry offices, and advances in technology have allowed for CEREC® crowns to replace the slower process of traditional crowns. A dental crown may be required to stabilize a patient’s decayed, painful tooth and protect it from further damage. A CEREC® crown can be a more convenient and comfortable alternative that gets the patient in and out of the dentist’s office faster.

Reasons to consider CEREC crowns

Ordering a traditional crown to replace a decaying tooth can be a lengthy process that requires multiple office visits. CEREC® crowns provide an easier, less stressful approach to get a patient their new crown without fuss or hassle. Here are four reasons why these crowns may be the better option.

1. Quick turnaround time

Traditional crowns must be made in a dental lab outside the dentist’s office. It can take from several days to up to several weeks for the crown to be ready. Once it is, a second appointment must be made with the dentist to get the permanent crown put in, and this could create an even longer wait if a time slot is not immediately available. CEREC® crowns take only a single appointment for the entire process. The new crown can be created after the tooth impression is taken, and the dentist can insert it all in the same appointment.

2. Digital teeth impressions

All crowns require an impression of the patient’s damaged tooth to create a crown that will correctly fit over it. However, traditional crowns require the impression to be made in a sticky mold to be sent to the lab. A CEREC® crown needs only a simple digital impression, scanned by the dentist and uploaded to a computer to begin creating the permanent crown.

3. Accurate fit

Digital impressions can make for more accurate crown fittings than traditional molds. A mold’s accuracy can depend on a variety of factors, such as the tray size and anything that might distort its final product, like excess saliva. The scan bypasses these unpredictable variables to create a crown that should fit snuggly and precisely over the tooth.  

4. No more temporary crowns

Sending a tooth impression off to a lab means waiting for the new crown. Until it is ready, the patient must wear a temporary crown over the damaged tooth. Temporary crowns have a greater potential to fall out, thereby causing even more problems. If they become loose or displaced, they can cause a patient pain. A CEREC® crown is ready to be fitted immediately following the impression scan, bypassing the need for a temporary crown.


The idea of getting a new crown can be uncomfortable for some people, but protecting a decaying tooth is essential to maintaining a healthy bite and smile. CEREC® crowns make it easier to visit the dentist and eliminate the discomfort of living with a bad tooth. 

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