5 Questions to Ask a Cosmetic Dentist About Dental Implant Options

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For patients missing a tooth or two, a cosmetic dentist may suggest dental implants to restore those gaps in a smile. These implants replicate the functions of the natural tooth roots to preserve jawbone tissue. Dental implants can help patients get their smile back, especially for those bothered about their physical appearance after losing a tooth.

Questions to ask about dental implant options

When it comes to options for dental implants, it helps to ask a cosmetic dentist for details.

1. How are the implants inserted?

Dental implants are small metal screws made from titanium. Titanium is used because it is biocompatible, meaning it can fuse with living cells with less concern about rejection.

During the implant surgery, the cosmetic dentist will make an incision on the gum, drill a hole into the jawbone, and insert the implant post. The implant itself does not function alone. It is the root that connects to the dental restoration such as a dental crown, bridge or denture.

2. How long will the dental restoration last?

A dental restoration can typically survive a lifetime of use with proper care. It is easy to take care of implant restorations because they tend not to require a specialized cleaning routine. Patients will need to brush twice daily, floss regularly and visit the cosmetic dentist twice a year to keep the implant restoration in good condition. Taking proper care of the teeth helps to minimize the risk of implant failure.

3. How will the implant restoration feel?

After the implant surgery, the implants will be embedded in the jawbone, invisible to everyone and generally undetectable to the patient after healing is completed. The cosmetic dentist will take impressions of the patient's teeth to create a dental restoration that fits the mouth appropriately. The new prosthetic should look and feel natural. For single or multiple tooth implants, the crowns can be customized to match the existing teeth. By the end of the treatment, no one should be able to tell the difference between the prosthetic crown and the natural teeth.

4. Can anyone get dental implants?

Not everyone is eligible for dental implants. Patients must undergo a comprehensive examination so the dentist can determine if they are a suitable candidate. Generally, the patient must be in good health and have enough jawbone density and quality to hold the implants. Certain health conditions, such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease, may affect the bone’s healing ability and so be contraindicated for implants. Also, smokers will need to consider quitting ahead of the surgery to ensure quick healing and recovery.

5. How long does the process take?

The treatment duration depends on the type of dental restoration. For multiple implants, the time is longer than for single tooth implants. It usually takes about an hour to complete each metal implant. For implant-supported dentures, the dentist may need to place between four to six implants. Sometimes, this may be done over multiple dental appointments. After the bone heals (typically four to six months), attaching the new restoration is a much faster procedure.

Final note

If you have additional questions about dental implant options, book a consultation with our cosmetic dentist.

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