5 Tips for Choosing the Right Cosmetic Dental Implant Option

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Choosing the right cosmetic dental option when undergoing tooth restoration treatment is not always easy. With many options on the table to decide between, it is recommended to work with a cosmetic dentist who can consider your preferences, condition, and budget before recommending the most suitable cosmetic replacement when it comes to dental implants.

Factors when choosing a cosmetic dental implant option

Patients who need help selecting the right option should consider these points:

1. Budget

Dental implants often can be a worthwhile investment for the initial cost of treatment. They require minimal maintenance and can last a lifetime with proper care. Many patients assume all dental implant processes are simple, but there are different types of dental implants and placement options. Some dental implants work better with certain types of dental restoration. The dental office, the material, and the implant design affect the final cost and the success rate of the implant.

Patients need to decide their budget and discuss with the dentist the options available. Many offices allow patients to pay in installments by working with third-party financiers that provide payment plans for dental care. Qualifying patients can get low or no-interest plans from these companies. Patients should also consult with their insurance provider to see which procedures may be partially or fully covered.

2. Qualifications of the cosmetic dentist

When choosing preferred cosmetic dental options, patients need to make sure the dentist has the skill and experience to perform the procedure. When it comes to cosmetic procedures, the dentist’s expertise is visible in the quality of results. Patients can ask to see the before and after photos of previous patients to know what to expect. It is important to choose a professional who can perform the implant placement successfully and give the patient a beautiful smile.

3. Number of missing teeth

Dentists may recommend single tooth replacements, multiple tooth replacements, or dentures, depending on the number of teeth. For one tooth, the dentist typically places an implant to support a prosthetic crown. For multiple tooth replacements, a dental bridge or partial denture is often recommended. For complete teeth loss on a dental arch, the patient may need implant-supported dentures. The dentist can help the patient decide on the number of implants needed and other cosmetic dental options based on how many teeth are missing.

4. Convenience

Patients may choose between fixed and removable cosmetic dental implant restoration. Removable options restorations are generally stable and will not slip out of position once in place, but the patient will be able to take them out for cleaning. On the other hand, only a dentist can remove a fixed dental bridge or denture. The maintenance is easy regardless, but patients can make their selection depending on what is convenient for them.

5. Treatment duration

Some cosmetic dental implant options take longer to finish than others. An immediate load option may be available for patients who want to have a restored smile immediately after the implant surgery. Other options can take as long as six months to allow complete bone healing before a crown or other replacement is placed on the implant.

In conclusion

To give you more information about various cosmetic dental implant options, our cosmetic dentist can provide a consultation.

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