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A dental implant dentist places implants in the mouth that act as a prosthesis to replace a lost tooth. The implant is a metal post inserted into the jaw to hold a tooth restoration, such as a dental crown, bridge, or denture. Patients who are considering dental implants frequently have questions for the dentist about the procedure and how to prepare for it. Find answers to some common questions patients ask about the implant process.

Who is eligible for dental implants?

A potential candidate for dental implants is anyone missing one tooth, several teeth, or every tooth on the jaw. The dental implant dentist will discuss the patient’s options during consultation. Generally, the patient must be in good health with enough jawbone mass to hold the implant.

Why choose dental implants?

A dental implant is currently considered by many to be the most reliable form of dental restoration. When done correctly, it can last a lifetime. Implants generally appear natural in the mouth and can improve appearance, confidence, and function. Since the implants are fabricated from titanium, patients no longer have to worry about decay or cavities.

What are the risks of dental implants?

As with all minor oral surgeries, there is a risk of inflammation, infection, and pain. The dental implant dentist will discuss ways to manage the situation. If the patient does not have enough bone mass, they may need to undergo bone and gum graft surgery, which may increase the duration of treatment.

What is the success rate of dental implants?

This depends on the patients and their health and oral habits. In a healthy individual in good health with good oral health practices, dental implants have a high success rate of up to 95%. Patients need to go for routine cleanings and checkups to keep the implants in a good condition. Also, the choice of dentist can have a significant impact on the success of the implant placement procedure.

How much do implants cost?

Typically, the cost of replacing one tooth with an implant is nearly the same as using a regular fixed bridge. Insurance sometimes covers the cost of dental implants but individual coverage varies. The price of treatment depends on the patient’s requirements, bone density, and condition of the mouth.

Can implants be used with existing dentures?

It is possible to place the titanium screws of implants under an existing set of dentures to stabilize and support the dental piece. This can only happen if the existing dentures are in excellent condition. During the consultation, patients can have the dentist examine their dentures to see if they may be usable with implants.

What are the benefits of choosing dentures supported by implants?

Dental implants support removable or fixed dentures. The mechanism in place snaps the pieces together and stops the partial or full denture from slipping out of place. This also means patients no longer need denture adhesives. The structure may be removable by the patient or else fixed, in which the dentures are screwed onto the implants permanently and are only removable by the dentist.

Final note

Dental implants can restore a patient's smile, whether one or multiple teeth are missing. To learn more about the process and get more answers, book an appointment with our dental implant dentist.

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