Emergency Dentist: What to Do If Your Fillings Fall Out

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An emergency dentist can treat patients who are in pain or who have issues that will get worse if treatment is postponed. Emergency dentists can treat a wide array of conditions or problems that need urgent attention. These include fractured or broken teeth and lost or loose fillings. If your filling falls out, the first step you should take is to call an emergency dentist.

An emergency dentist and dental fillings

To treat a cavity, the dentist may opt to remove the decayed part of the tooth. The dentist will then fill the region on the patient’s tooth where the decayed material once lived. Dental fillings are also used to repair broken or cracked teeth. Patients should follow good oral hygiene practices and visit the dentist regularly. That way, they will maintain their fillings.

Regular dental care can also ensure that any potential issues with fillings are detected. A dentist will be able to identify uneven wear or open margins before a person realizes there is a problem. Dentists can also provide guidance and instruction in proper oral hygiene, which will help control bacterial plaque. Decay that may end up forming around the margin of the filling can compromise that restoration. Regular care can also help people know what to do if the filling falls out.

Problems with fillings

Restorations or fillings have a breaking point, so they will at some point fail and need replacement. It is important for patients to know that fillings cannot last forever. A dentist can determine the ideal time when a restoration may have to be replaced. A filling may unexpectedly fall out and a person may end up experiencing pain and discomfort and facing a possible emergency situation. New fillings may also fall out because of a variety of reasons including improper cavity preparation. If left untreated, a lost filling might lead to a root canal or even the loss of the tooth.


If the filling falls out, getting in touch with a dentist immediately is always recommended. Dental offices often set emergency time aside for dental emergencies. During an appointment, the dentist will review the patient’s medical history and inquire about the symptoms and any concerns. The dentist will then examine the tooth and take an X-ray to determine the most appropriate treatment.

If restoration can be done with another filling, the dentist will talk to the patient about the options for filling materials. In some cases, the tooth may need a root canal as well as a cap or crown to restore the tooth’s integrity. In rare cases, if there is a lost filling, the dentist may need to remove the tooth. If a referral to another health care practitioner is necessary, the dentist will guide the patient through the process.

Visit an emergency dentist near you

If your filling falls out, you should call an emergency dentist as soon as possible. The dentist will determine the appropriate treatment for your condition. The decision will be made after a consultation and a thorough examination of the tooth. If you do not seek immediate care, you could end up experiencing pain and discomfort. It could also lead to the loss of your tooth.

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