FAQs About General Dentistry in Surfside

General dentistry Surfside, FL

When it comes to general dentistry in Surfside, dental professionals perform a broad range of services. In layman’s terms, general dentists are similar to primary care physicians, except they take care of teeth and gums. Along with diagnosing problems, the general dentists treat and manage patients’ overall oral health.

General dentistry in Surfside — beyond “general”

This type of dentist is the one that patients go to for all their basic needs. Yes, dental professionals who provide general dentistry in Surfside fill cavities. They also treat gum disease and apply crowns. Depending on the circumstance, the dentist might recommend a patient to a different dentist.

Answers to important questions

It is common for people to have questions about general dentistry in Surfside, which is a good thing. After all, the more knowledge a patient has about good oral health, the better. Here are some of the questions that people ask most often.

1.Do patients need to arrive early for an appointment?

Typically, patients should show up at the dental clinic roughly 15 to 20 minutes ahead of schedule. That provides ample time to complete insurance forms and other required documentation. It also gives people who feel nervous about seeing a dentist a little time to relax. Being rushed would only make matters worse.

2.What to take to the appointment?

Especially when visiting a clinic for general dentistry in Surfside for the first time, patients need to bring a list of all current medications. Also, it is important to bring an insurance card, if applicable, and a current form of identification such as a driver’s license. The front desk person will transfer the information into the patient’s chart.

3.How long does a first visit last?

Of course, the actual amount of time varies from one patient to the next. However, most dentists recommend for people to allow about one and a half hours. During that time, a dental assistant will take X-rays. Then a dental hygienist will clean the patient’s mouth. When done, the dentist will perform an examination in an effort to identify any issues. Depending on the problems found, the patient may have additional work performed on the same day.

4.What is the purpose of X-rays?

Having X-rays taken is a standard part of what general dentists do. With the X-rays, they can see beyond the surface of teeth to find any underlying issues. This includes not just plaque and decay but also periodontal disease and infections in the jawbone. Having X-rays also makes it possible to see tumors, abscesses and other abnormalities.

5.Why is it so important to visit a clinic for general dentistry in Surfside?

Even when people brush, floss and rinse daily, teeth still need a professional cleaning. Often, a dentist will find a cavity that the individual did not know existed. The goal is to keep the teeth free of plaque and decay. Otherwise, there is a risk of damage that could lead to more serious problems.

Take good care of your teeth

Thanks to general dentistry in Surfside, you have the opportunity to maintain healthy teeth and gums. Along with that, the dentist will help you achieve a beautiful smile. Be sure to see a dentist on a regular basis. If you suspect a problem, make an appointment right away.

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