How Dental Implants Are Placed After a Tooth Extraction

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Dentists often decide to place dental implants soon after tooth extraction. It may be done on the same day as the extraction surgery or within two weeks after the procedure. If a dental crown, bridge, or denture is placed immediately after inserting the implants, it is called immediate loading. This option is often the most favorable for patients, but not everyone is eligible.

The dental implant placement procedure

If a tooth is irreparably fractured or infected, a dentist may recommend a tooth extraction. The procedure starts with an examination, followed by a discussion of the treatment options.

Initial consultation

During the appointment ahead of the surgery, the dentist will review the patient's medical condition and current medications. They will also discuss sedation options and how the patient can prepare for surgery. The dentist may prescribe antibiotics, pain medications, and mouthwash with instructions on usage. Following these guidelines is important for a smooth procedure.

On the day of surgery

As with many dental procedures, a topical anesthetic may be applied before local anesthesia or other forms of managing discomfort. If necessary, the dentist may take more impressions of the teeth. Afterward, they will proceed to remove the infected, fractured, or cracked tooth using methods that minimize damage to the tooth socket.

The dentist will examine and clean the extraction socket carefully to ensure it is free of infected tissue. The site will then be prepared and the dental implant will be inserted at high torque to ensure stability. If the implant is stable enough, an immediate dental restoration (crown) may be connected to the dental implant.

If the implant is not stable, the dentist will place a healing abutment on the implant and attach a temporary crown or bridge. Before cementing the crown, bone grafting may be done to fill the space between the teeth and the extraction socket. Also, a membrane or soft-tissue graft may be used to shield the bone graft.

The dentist will adjust the temporary crown to ensure it is not in contact with the opposing teeth when biting. After this, the patient can return home.

After surgery

Approximately two weeks after surgery, the patient should visit the dental office for a checkup. During this appointment, the dentist will take impressions that will be used for creating the permanent dental crown. This impression will be forwarded to the dental lab, or else a same-day crown can be prepared on-site.

In some cases, the dentist may need to make a custom abutment that will connect the new crown to the implant. The entire treatment and healing period may last up to six months because of the need for the implant to fuse with the jaw bone, also known as osseointegration, before it is fully functional.

Final note

Dental implants look like the natural tooth and provide the same function, meaning the patient may not even appear to have lost a tooth. A dental implant dentist has the knowledge and experience to place dental implants after tooth extraction in a single convenient surgery.

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