Questions To Ask at a Dental Smile Makeover Consultation

For most individuals, the decision to get a smile makeover comes after a great amount of consideration and research. Going into the initial dental consultation with a list of important questions helps the process go more smoothly. A smile makeover can have a large impact on self-esteem and confidence, so feeling reassured about the decision can help relieve some of the initial anxiety the person may be experiencing. 

Initial smile makeover appointment questions to ask

Being proactive by researching questions to bring to the initial consultation can help patients know what to expect and receive the desired results. 

What makes a good candidate? 

Not all individuals are good candidates for cosmetic dental work, so a potential patient should ask which factors make a makeover more likely to be successful. Luckily, most patients make good candidates as long as they are willing to do some initial preparation work if needed. Some issues such as gum disease or advanced enamel erosion typically need to be treated before the cosmetic work can begin. A successful candidate needs to be in generally good oral health before proceeding with the cosmetic dental work involved in a smile makeover

What issues can be improved with a dental makeover? 

Patients seeking a makeover do so for a variety of reasons. Often, teeth are damaged due to decay, chipping or cracking. In other cases, teeth that are crooked, twisted or have gaps are the main concern. Some patients have teeth that are in the correct position and are in good health, but feel uncomfortable with the shape or the size of their teeth. 

What procedures are available? 

Another question to ask during the consultation process involves the types of procedures the dentist typically performs to complete a makeover. The procedures will vary according to the practice, but available options typically include tooth whitening, dental implants, veneers and inlays or onlays. In some cases, a gum lift needs to be performed before implants can be placed. A combination of these treatments can be used if necessary to obtain the desired results. 

What are the main benefits? 

When considering a smile makeover, most people first think of the aesthetics of having a beautiful and symmetrical smile. Beyond the visual benefits, getting cosmetic dental work often encourages patients to take excellent care of their dental health to maintain their results. In some cases, a patient experiences great functional improvement while speaking or eating. Dental makeovers can also help improve sleeping conditions in some cases. An increase in self-esteem after a makeover can be one of the greatest advantages of cosmetic dental work. 


A smile makeover can be the key to a patient’s increased self-esteem and correct ongoing dental hygiene issues. For individuals considering a makeover, taking the time to compile a list of questions to ask at the initial consultation can lead to a better idea of what the result will be and assist with the decision-making process. 

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