Taking Care of Your Clear Aligners

Clear aligners provide an opportunity for people who have misaligned teeth to improve the appearance of their smile and gain more confidence when in public. However, the effectiveness of clear aligners to a degree can depend on the quality of the care the patient practices when wearing their aligners.

How to care for clear aligners

Without taking care of your clear aligners, the chance of damaging, breaking or losing them increases significantly, and it is important to know and practice good care. The following are three useful tips to help ensure your clear aligner treatment goes smoothly.

Clean the aligners often

One of the most important care techniques is to clean the aligners every day. Most orthodontists encourage patients to clean their aligners with warm water and soap, rather than toothpaste as toothpaste may scratch the surface of the aligner. You can use your toothbrush to clean the clear aligners but do so gently. Be sure to clean every part of the aligner and rinse it off well after washing it.

By cleaning the aligners properly, you can avoid a build-up of bacteria and food particles that can harm the enamel of teeth if not washed off properly.

Rinse the aligners after removal

A common mistake patients make when it comes clear aligners care is not rinsing them off properly. Life can be hectic at times, and it is easy to get in a rush and not rinse the aligners after removal. However, sugar and other food particles, in addition to bacteria inside the mouth, can become trapped inside the aligners and can damage the aligners as well as your teeth if not rinsed off properly. Subsequently, it is encouraged to rinse the aligner every time it is taken out of the mouth, which includes after eating and brushing your teeth.

Store the aligners properly

Another important tip to keep in mind and make the necessary arrangements for is to store the clear aligners properly. All too many times, patients forget to bring their case with them when they go places, which means they are forced to set them in a place that may be subject to germs, in addition to increasing the risk of losing or breaking the aligners. To combat this issue, be sure to make a habit of bringing the case with you everywhere you go and placing the clear aligners in the case when they need to be removed. It is also helpful to keep the case clean as well as the aligners.

Talk to an orthodontist about clear aligners

If you are interested in clear aligners treatment and want to learn more about how they can help you gain a more attractive smile and improve your oral health, consult with us and find a time to come in to see us for an oral evaluation and treatment recommendation. We can walk you through each step of the clear aligners process, from the initial consultation to providing follow-up care after treatment is complete.

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