What Are the Options Available From a Cosmetic Dentist for Replacing Missing Teeth?

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People who are missing their teeth can get dental restorations from a cosmetic dentist. A full set of teeth is essential for a complete smile, and the loss of one or several teeth can make eating and talking harder. With technological advancements in cosmetic dentistry, patients now have access to several solutions for restoring missing teeth.

Dental restoration options

A cosmetic dentist can provide a number of tooth restorations for missing teeth:

Dental implants

A dental implant is a titanium metal screw that dentists use for replacing a lost tooth root. This screw fuses with the jawbone to support a new dental crown restoration. Implants provide a stable and reliable restoration for patients who are missing one, two or all the teeth on a dental arch. Dental implants have the appearance and feel of natural teeth and can last for several years without needing replacement.

A dental implant requires surgery. However, the investment in time and cost is worth it in the long run if the cosmetic dentist deems the patient eligible.

Fixed bridge

Cosmetic dentists use a fixed bridge to close the gap between teeth left by one or two missing teeth. The procedure for placing such a bridge can require multiple appointments. It entails placing an implant, fabricating the bridge, and replacing the missing teeth with the fixed bridge.

After fixing the bridge in place, the final restoration typically looks, feels, and functions like the natural tooth. It does not need to be removed for cleaning and maintenance is easy.

Resin-retained bridge

This option is usually less invasive than the fixed bridge. Although a fixed bridge is better for teeth that are used for chewing, a resin-retained bridge can work as a front teeth replacement because they do not endure as much force. The resin bridge connects to the teeth on both sides of the gap for support. They can be less durable than fixed bridges but generally cost less.

Removable partial denture

A removable partial denture is a replacement for a small section of missing teeth. Such dentures function well for chewing and aesthetic appearance, but they are less reliable if unsupported by tooth implants. These dental appliances can also be uncomfortable when worn for too long. However, they are a lower-cost tooth replacement option, and repair is easy if they get damaged.

Removable complete denture

When most or all the teeth on a dental arch are lost, a cosmetic dentist may recommend removable complete dentures as a replacement. Removable dentures offer both aesthetic appeal and functionality, though they cannot be worn for the entire day. Dental implant support can counter slipping.

Final note

If you are looking for options to replace missing teeth, consult with our cosmetic dentist for choices that will not only function adequately but also offer significant aesthetic appeal. All the options listed above can be effective for replacing lost teeth bur may only be appropriate for particular circumstances. Undergoing evaluation from a professional is the recommended way to ensure you get the specific dental restoration you need.

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