Why You Should Choose a Dental Implant Dentist Over a General Dentist

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After deciding to go for dental implants to replace a lost tooth, the next step is to choose a dental implant dentist to handle the procedure. This decision will have a long-term effect on one's health and wellbeing, which means patients must select the right dentist for the job. There are reasons why patients may seek a dental specialist over a general dentist for implant placement.

Factors to consider before making the decision

Although many dentists can handle surgical procedures in combination with general dentistry, some dentists focus specifically on oral surgeries. For convenience or familiarity, many patients may want to stick with their general dentist for this procedure. Nevertheless, there are important reasons to choose a dental implant dentist who specializes in oral surgery procedures for this work.


Specialization is one of the most important reasons to choose an oral surgeon for dental implant surgery. Although they possess a significant amount of the same fundamental knowledge as a general dentist, implant specialists have committed more of their time to understand these complex and sometimes dangerous procedures. This helps ensure their patients get care tailored for their specific situations.

As part of their training, implant dentists spend several hours in the classroom and conducting treatments under the supervision of experienced professors. They learn many processes and different techniques to improve the results of dental implant treatment. To accomplish successful results and handle complications, these professionals must learn comprehensive knowledge about the bone and soft tissue biology and how to manipulate them. Implant dentists also learn bone and soft tissue grafting procedures to help patients who do not have required bone density for dental implants.


Dental implant placement is a delicate procedure that may pose additional risks and challenges. If the patient does not have sufficiently thick or hard jawbone, a bone graft might be necessary. The patient may also need a sinus lift if the bone height in the upper jaw is not enough or if the jaw is too close to the sinuses. These are the occurrences that the dental implant dentist prepares for. With the rising number of people opting for dental implants yearly, specialists are likely to have encountered such cases more than general dentists, which gives them a better understanding of the appropriate practices for various procedures.

Special facilities

More than a typical general dentist’s office, dental specialists often have facilities that are designed specifically to help handle oral surgeries safely and comfortably. Their offices are frequently equipped with the latest devices for smooth operations, meaning patients can undergo treatment knowing they are getting modern care.

Final note

When it comes to choosing the dental professional to place implants, patients may have to choose between a general dentist and a dental implant dentist. In many situations, the latter has the practical experience, training, and the infrastructure to make success more likely. You can start by scheduling an appointment with our implant dentist to discuss treatment and the options available.

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