Will My Dental Crown on Implant Match My Other Teeth?

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A dental crown on an implant is a great way to fill space after losing a tooth or having one extracted. Not only can you opt for an implant to replace one tooth but several. In fact, if you had all your teeth pulled, instead of dentures, you might consider a full dental implant. Regardless, you will have beautiful teeth and an even more beautiful smile.

Proper care of a dental crown

After a dentist inserts titanium screws into a patient’s jawbone, they attach crowns. Just like a person’s natural teeth, it is imperative to keep these clean. This entails using a soft toothbrush and non-abrasive toothpaste. Flossing is also critical. However, a person needs to choose a product made specifically for a dental crown.

Starting the process

It all begins by having a consultation with a dentist. The dental professional will first make sure the person is a good candidate for this procedure. If not, the dentist can recommend other treatments. However, for someone who meets the criteria, the next step entails discussing the color and shape of the crown. The dentist will also perform an examination, which helps with positioning and location of the crown.

Especially if a dental crown covers a person’s visible tooth, it needs to match. Fortunately, advances in the field of dentistry make that possible. Obviously, no one with a dental crown wants others to know it is not real. The dentist can match the coloring extremely close to the patient’s own teeth. Sometimes, people have their teeth whitened beforehand. That way, they can select a crown lighter in color for a gorgeous smile.

Choosing the right crown

For anyone who needs a dental crown, one made from all porcelain is the better option. This particular material looks and feels more like natural teeth compared to other options. When used as part of an implant, the dentist first places a titanium rod into bone inside the patient’s mouth. On top of that, which is called an abutment, the dental professional places the crown.

The dentist will determine which type of porcelain the patient needs. First is one made from all porcelain. Second is a dental crown made of metal with porcelain fused to it. As mentioned, for a gorgeous smile and an incredible match, the first option is preferred. The reason is the second type of crown has a metal base. For that reason, it can show when someone smiles, talks or laughs.

Using the right laboratory

The laboratory that makes the dental crown is critical. When a dentist uses the right one, it can match colors quite well. Typically, any difference is so small that no one can tell. This also ensures a comfortable fit. Ultimately, the patient ends up with white, straight teeth that look completely natural.

Talk to your dentist

If you want an implant instead of wearing dentures, talk to your dentist about a dental crown. The dentist will make sure you have teeth that match in both color and shape. When done correctly, there are even microscopic details that make the tooth look even more realistic. Enjoy smiling thanks to the fantastic options available today.

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