Will Six Month Smiles® Help Improve my Teeth?

Looking to improve your teeth? Six Month Smiles is an option worth further exploring if your teeth are crooked, spaced out or misaligned. Many people are looking into their teeth straightening option nowadays due to the many dental advancements that make it easier than ever for one to have straight teeth. When your teeth are straight, you are much more likely to show them off when you smile. When your teeth are in their correct positions, they are also much easier to clean, lowering your chances of being diagnosed with dental decay.

Will Six Month Smiles help improve teeth?

Wanting to understand whether or not Six Month Smiles will improve your teeth? If you are wanting to improve the look of your teeth, then choosing one of the teeth straightening options now available is your next step. Six Month Smiles is a popular option for any dental patient who is 16 years of age or older and looking for a discreet teeth straightening option. One of the reasons why it is so popular is because the average time it takes to improve the look of one’s teeth is only six months.

How it works

Six Month Smiles is similar to conventional braces because it also uses brackets and wires to move the teeth back into their proper positions. The main difference is that the brackets and wires are made using clear materials, making it a much more discreet teeth improvement option. Another difference in between the two improvement options is that conventional braces attach brackets to all of the teeth, while Six Month Smiles is only attached to teeth that need to be straightened.

Six Month Smiles was designed by general dentists with a goal of offering something a little different than conventional orthodontics, all while improving the teeth. Their goal was to create a treatment option for dental patients who require shorter treatment times, as every dental patient deserves the ability to improve their teeth so that they can smile with confidence every single time.

Who makes a good candidate?

Dental patients who make good candidates for undergoing the Six Month Smiles solution include those living with crowded teeth, gaps in between their teeth, crooked teeth in the front of their mouth, mildly rotated teeth, overbites, underbites and crossbites. Anyone that is a candidate will be able to have their teeth improved quite a bit. 

Specific benefits that come with Six Month Smiles

Some of the more specific and most looked forward to benefits that come with choosing this option for improving teeth include a faster treatment time, clear or tooth-colored materials that easily blend in with the rest of the teeth and less soreness when compared to conventional braces.

Is the Six Month Smiles the right option for you?

If you have questions about this method of treatment then reach out to our office so that we can help you. The Six Month Smiles process can significantly improve the way that your teeth look. Give us a call or stop by our office today!

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